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Magnall and Mangnall
Register of Marriages

If you would like to know more about any names mentioned in the index or any other Magnall or relative, or if you have any information that I would find useful then do please contact me at

Most of the details shown are taken from the microfiche copy of the register. A # indicates that we have had difficulty reading the fiche, we intend to go back to the originals to see if it is any clearer. A question mark after the code in the notes column indicates that I have matched the code to the person based on the evidence that I have so far but I have not yet confirmed it.

The code of the form *M999 where * is a letter allows me to give each person a unique code. The first letter is allocated by year of birth, D covers the years 1900-1924, E covers the years 1875-1899, etc. If the code is superceded by another letter, eg DM002a, this is because I have further information that I have not yet confirmed to be the same person but they probably are.


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