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Name Index

The following list provides links to people mentioned on my web site. My database contains many more names which have not yet been published on this site.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Others!

A       Top 
Anderson     Elizabeth Ellen  
Anderson     Frances GM055 
Atkinson     Bromered  
Atkinson     Susanah  
B       Top 
Baker John  
Bilsberry / Bilsbury Elizabeth GM020
Blakey     Sarah FM022 
Bluhm Quentin Mangnall  
Brace     Rebecca A.? GM268 
Bradshaw Ellis  
Bradshaw Mary LM029
Bridge     Eve FM236 
Bridge     John  
Bridge     Joseph  
Brindle     Martha JM053 
Briscoe Esther MM018
Briscoe John  
Briscoe Michael  
Broughton  Sandy  
Brook     Betty KM029 
C       Top 
Cakebread     Annie P   
Chadwick     Charles HM073 
Collins Emma  
Cowie     Doreen   
Crompton     Alice  
D       Top 
Davis     Janet Davis EM209 
Donald William Mangnall  
Duckworth     Elizabeth Violet EM178 
Duerden     James Henry  
E   Top
Evans Thomas L  
F       Top 
Fern     Ernest  
Fielding     Thomas  
Fishwick     Alice  
Fishwick     Peter  
Fletcher     Ernist  
Fletcher     Herbert  
Fletcher     James  
Fletcher     Sarah J  
Fletcher     Thomas  
Fletcher     Thomas (son)  
Frankland     Gladys  
Frankland     Gwennie  
Frankland     Muriel  
Frankland     William FM247 
Frankland     Benjamin  
G       Top 
Gent     Elizabeth Ann  
Greenhalgh     Nancy JM043 
Greenwood     Alice GM022 
Greenwood     Edward EM208 
Greenwood     James HG001 
Greenwood     Jonathan GG001 
H       Top 
Hardcastle Hannah MM020
Hargreaves     Beatrice Isabella EM028 
Hargreaves     James  
Hargreaves     John Blakeley FM261 
Hartley     Margaret GM128 
Heap     Eliza  
Heaton     Jane  
Hinchcliff Margaret Magnall  
Hinchcliff Thomas Ma(n)gnall  
Holgate     Leonard EM207 
Hollinrake     Ellen Maud EM187 
Howarth     Alice FH002 
Howarth     Alice FM005 
Howarth     Mary FM002 
Howarth     Rebecca FH004 
Howarth     Sarah A. FH003 
Hurst Hannah Mangnall  
I       Top 
Isherwood     John  
Isherwood     Mary HM056 
Isherwood     Rachel HM060 
J       Top 
Jaques     Ada  
Jaques     Ann FM294 
Jaques     Arthur  
Jaques     Edward  
Jaques     Herbert  
Jaques     Lily  
Jaques     Robert  
Jaques     William  
K   Top
Kay Richmal LM023
Kenrick Anne HM184
L       Top 
Leach     Ann  
Leaver     William  
Leaver     Ernest  
Leaver     Henry FM255  
Linney     E  
Livingston     James  
Livingston     Jemima GM250 
Lomax Esther NM005
Lovett     Anne  
M       Top
Magnall     Albert EM015 
Magnall     Albert Edward EM036 
Magnall     Albert Horace DM012 
Magnall     Albert Horace EM043 
Magnall     Alice Ann EM219 
Magnall     Amelia EM035 
Magnall     Ann FM029 
Magnall     Ann Elizabeth EM017 
Magnall     Anne GM077 
Magnall     Annie FM049 
Magnall     Annie  
Magnall     Annie GM019 
Magnall     Arthur EM040a 
Magnall Arthur EM064
Magnall Benjamin FM037
Magnall     Bertha EM029 
Magnall     Betsy (Betty) GM150 
Magnall     Catherine FM058 
Magnall     Clara DM007 
Magnall     David GM006 
Magnall     Dorothy DM001 
Magnall Eda EM253
Magnall     Edith EM198 
Magnall     Edward FM064 
Magnall     Elizabeth FM018 
Magnall     Elsie EM206 
Magnall     Emma DM002 
Magnall     Ernest EM202 
Magnall     Evelyn A. EM024 
Magnall     Florence EM025 
Magnall     Florence DM010 ?? 
Magnall     Fred Hargreaves DM004 
Magnall     Fred EM001 
Magnall     Fred EM019 
Magnall Fred EM246
Magnall     Geoffrey  
Magnall     Gertrude E. FM013 
Magnall     Gladys (Maud ?) DM019 ?? 
Magnall     Grace Alice DM053 
Magnall     Greenwood EM186 
Magnall Hannah FM036
Magnall     Harry EM214 
Magnall     Harry EM046 
Magnall     Harold  
Magnall     Herbert EM041 
Magnall     Ida EM050 
Magnall     James DM005 
Magnall     James EM014 
Magnall     James FM028 
Magnall     James FM048 
Magnall     James GM021/149 
Magnall     James C. W. FM030 
Magnall     James Greenwood DM054 
Magnall     James Greenwood (Jnr)  
Magnall     James Thomas EM026 
Magnall     James William FM024 
Magnall     James W. FM065 
Magnall Jane Ellen EM258
Magnall     John FM019 
Magnall John FM038
Magnall     John GM151 
Magnall     John Arthur CM098 
Magnall     John (Jack) Frederick DM158 
Magnall     John Richard BM143 
Magnall     John T. FM063 
Magnall     John T(ommy?) FM085a 
Magnall Joseph EM062
Magnall     Joseph FM040 
Magnall     Joseph FM234 
Magnall     Joyce DM059 
Magnall     Lawrence EM016 
Magnall     Lily EM045 
Magnall     Luena FM066 
Magnall     Margaret FM041 
Magnall     Margaret FM233 
Magnall     Margaret FM041 
Magnall     Mark EM201 
Magnall     Mary DM006 
Magnall     Mary Alice FM091 
Magnall     Mary Ann EM023 
Magnall     Mary Ann EM204 
Magnall     Mary Ann EM002 
Magnall     Mary Ann FM232 
Magnall     Mary Maude EM224 
Magnall     Minnie EM199 
Magnall     Nancy GM078 
Magnall     Obadiah EM030 
Magnall     Percy EM190 
Magnall     Peter EM013 
Magnall     Rachel FM088 
Magnall     Rachel FM193 
Magnall     Rachel Annie EM289 
Magnall     Ralph EM192 
Magnall     Ralph FM001 
Magnall Ralph FM034
Magnall     Richard E. CM179 
Magnall Richard FM035
Magnall Richard HM028
Magnall     Ronald DM020 
Magnall     Sarah DM003 
Magnall     Sarah Jane EM027 
Magnall     Sarah Jane FM231 
Magnall     Sarah Jane FM273 
Magnall     Thomas EM003 
Magnall     Thomas FM021 
Magnall     Thomas FM025 
Magnall     Thomas HM055 
Magnall     Thomas HM059 
Magnall     Wilbert EM042a 
Magnall     William DM046 
Magnall     William EM012 
Magnall     William Thomas EM018 
Magnall     William GM054/072 
Magnall     William GM076 
Magnall     Willie EM039a 
Mangnall Abel EM071
Mangnall     Abel JM051 
Mangnall     Adam GM216 
Mangnall     Albert E. FM259 
Mangnall Alfred GM106
Mangnall     Alice GM208 
Mangnall     Alice HM064 
Mangnall     Ann FM294 
Mangnall     Ann HM152 
Mangnall     Ann HM011 
Mangnall     Ann JM108 
Mangnall     Anne CM055 
Mangnall     Arthur Brace FM195 
Mangnall     Beatrice EM268 
Mangnall     Benjamin FM272 
Mangnall Bessie M EM316
Mangnall     Betty HM097 
Mangnall     Betty JM046 
Mangnall Blanche FM282
Mangnall     Charles GM083 
Mangnall     Clara FM277 
Mangnall     David DM134 
Mangnall     David GM006 
Mangnall     David GM082 
Mangnall     David HM067 
Mangnall     Desmond CM110 
Mangnall     Elizabeth CM035 
Mangnall Elizabeth HM161
Mangnall Elizabeth LM025
Mangnall     Elizabeth Harriett FM187 
Mangnall     Eliza Hartley FM137 
Mangnall Eliza KM034
Mangnall     Ellen GM212 
Mangnall     Emily Jane FM254 
Mangnall Fenton GM142
Mangnall     Florence FM278 
Mangnall Florence FM281
Mangnall     Frances FM188 
Mangnall     Hannah Davenport FM256 
Mangnall     James EM014 
Mangnall     James FM264 
Mangnall     James GM080 
Mangnall     James GM214 
Mangnall     James JM042 
Mangnall     James JM107 
Mangnall James KM031
Mangnall James LM022
Mangnall James MM017
Mangnall     James Albert


Mangnall James Ernest FM152
Mangnall     James William FM186 
Mangnall     Jane FM267 
Mangnall Jane FM288
Mangnall     Jane GM210 
Mangnall Jesse GM107
Mangnall     John DM183 
Mangnall     John FM258 
Mangnall     John FM268 
Mangnall John FM289
Mangnall     John GM125 
Mangnall     John GM257 
Mangnall     John HM061 
Mangnall     John HM066 
Mangnall John JM094
Mangnall     John KM028 
Mangnall     Joseph James DM230 
Mangnall Kay JM059
Mangnall     Lawrence GM126 
Mangnall     Lucy FM258 
Mangnall Lucy Kate FM280
Mangnall     Margaret FM138 
Mangnall     Margaret GM252 
Mangnall     Margaret GM258 
Mangnall     Martha FM140 
Mangnall     Martha FM269 
Mangnall     Mary EM098 
Mangnall     Mary FM265 
Mangnall     Mary HM182 
Mangnall Mary KM033
Mangnall Mary  
Mangnall     Mary Ann FM189 
Mangnall Matilda HM025
Mangnall Matilda JM058
Mangnall     Minnie EM267 
Mangnall     Nancy GM081 
Mangnall     Norman CM068 
Mangnall     Peggy HM065 
Mangnall Percival EM287
Mangnall     Rachel JM047 
Magnall Rachel Annie EM289
Mangnall     Rebecca A. GM268 
Mangnall     Richard EM097 
Mangnall Richard Henry EM334
Mangnall Richard FM128
Mangnall     Richard FM262 
Mangnall     Richard GM079 
Mangnall     Richard GM127 
Mangnall Richard HM169
Mangnall     Richard JM105 
Mangnall     Richard KM046 
Mangnall Richmal FM279
Mangnall Richmal KM032
Mangnall Robert FM295
Mangnall     Robert Hartley GM028 
Mangnall Samuel EM193
Mangnall Samuel GM187
Mangnall Sarah GM239
Mangnall Sarah KM030
Mangnall     Theodisia KM047 
Mangnall Thomas FM016
Mangnall     Thomas FM263 
Mangnall     Thomas GM249 
Mangnall     Thomas HM052 
Mangnall     Thomas HM183 
Mangnall     Thomas JM052 
Mangnall     Thomas JM044 
Mangnall Thomas LM024
Mangnall Thomas NM004
Mangnall Tom Kenrick EM286
Mangnall     Vivian Leigh EM269 
Mangnall Walter HM023
Mangnall     Walter Ernest DM300 
Mangnall Wilbraham HM160
Mangnall     William DM272 
Mangnall William EM332
Mangnall     William FM266 
Mangnall William FM292
Mangnall     William GM145 
Mangnall     William GM209 
Mangnall     William GM215 
Mangnall     William HM084b 
Mangnall William HM120
Mangnall     William JM106 
Mangnall William JM109
Mangnall     William KM046 
Mangnall     Wm Hy (William Henry?) FM260 
Mangnall     William Thomas Porter FM241 
Melling Maria JM055
Miles     Florence DM002 
Marsden Herbert Magnell  
Massthorne    Sarah H.  
Morris     Elizabeth  
Morris     James FM257 
Mossthorne     Alice C.  
N   Top
O   Top
P       Top
Platt James Mangnall  
Porter     Judith GM200 
Potter Louisa  
Pounder     Annie Jane FM239 
Q   Top
R       Top
Reeves     Arthur  
Reeves     Jessie  
Robson Ellen  
S       Top
Sharp     Polly EM225 
Stobbs     Anne  
T       Top
Thomas     Rachel   
Tite     Marie DM058 
Tattershall     Martha EM177 
Tattershall     Mary Ann EM191 
Taylor     Emily Elizabeth  
U   Top
V   Top
W       Top
Walker     G.E.  
Whitaker     Sarah  
Wilkes Maria  
Wilkinson     Elizabeth Jane FM248 
Wilkinson Elizabeth MM019
Wilson     Janet GM254 
Winstanley     John  
Winstanley     Sarah Beatrice  
Woolley Charlotte KM048
X   Top
Y   Top
Z   Top
No surname yet!       Top
     Annie EM205 
     Mary Anne GM018 
     Harriet(t) GM146 
     Sarah FM020 

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