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Magnall Genealogy

This page is the index for information on my web pages about Magnall family history. If you have any comments, information or stories do please contact me at

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Name Index

My father's ancestors - an ancestor chart

My grandfather, DM001 Fred Hargreaves Magnall

My great grandfather, EM001 Fred Magnall

My great, great grandfather, FM001 Ralph Magnall

My great, great, great grandfather, HM059 Thomas Magnall

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census - Magnall

1891 Census - Magnall

1901 Census - Magnall and Mangnall

Register of Births (23k - needs tables)

Register of Marriages - Magnall / Mangnall (needs tables)

Register of Deaths - Magnall (19k - needs tables)

Parish Registers

Magnalls who died in war

Magnalls who were awarded medals in WWI

Trade Directories - Magnalls and Mangnalls

Other surnames connected to the Magnall family by marriage

A selection of Magnalls from my database (49k - needs tables)

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