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My name is Paul Magnall (born 29th January 1960) and I have been researching the Magnall and Mangnall family history since 1996. If you want to see the pictures of me as a child I now have a page all about me! I have been concentrating on the Ma(n)gnall surname whilst my father, Peter, has been reseaching Scott and Vahey/Fahey (his mother's family) and Hargreaves (his paternal grandmother's family). My Aunt (my mother's sister) is researching my maternal ancestors which start with Bigwood. Hopefully we will get some of this information on the net soon! If you want to find out more about my father try the Appsnet page

Although I live in West Yorkshire, UK, the majority of Ma(n)gnall records seem centred around Bury and Burnley in Lancashire with off shoots into Southern California, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I am interested in any information or stories that involve Ma(n)gnalls, I may eventually develop my research into a One Name Study, so if you have any information or stories do please contact me at Paul Magnall

In 1765 the Armorial Bearings shown on all my pages (except this one!) were granted to a Thomas Magnall. I don't know if I am a direct decendant or not but I have used the coat of arms as a logo on my pages - if you click on it you will be returned to this page. For more information on the Arms click here.

If you have any problems viewing these pages then please let me know.

The website is in the process of being moved from my previous ISP - please accept my apologies for any broken links.

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24 Dec 2012 - updated St Bartholomew's Westhoughton, St Peter's Burnley and Holy Trinity Habergham Eaves
07 Oct 2012 - updated GM142 Fenton Mangnall, Denbigh, London Gazette, Quentin Mangnall Bluhm
02 Jan 2012 - added Albert Isherwood , Albert Arthur Magnall Isherwood , updated Magnall / Mangnall as a middle name , Quentin Mangnall Bluhm
28 Dec 2011
- Updated - Magnall and Mangnall in the 1901 Census RG13 3800-3899, Magnall and Mangnall in the 1891 Census RG12 3300-3399, Magnall and Mangnall in the 1881 Census RG11 4100-4199, Burnley Cemetery , GM054 William Magnall, GM149 James Magnall, EM215 Robert Magnall
22 Dec 2011
- Updated - Burnley Cemetery , GM076 William Magnall, FM025 Thomas Magnall, Holy Trinity, Habergham Eaves, FM040 Joseph Magnall, FM041 Margaret Magnall, GM149 James Magnall, FM021 Thomas Magnall, EM015 Albert Magnall, GM151 John Magnall,
21 Dec 2011 - St Mary, Manchester (Central), Independent Chapel, Edgworth, St Patrick's Roman Catholic Chapel, Park Place, Toxteth, St Michael and All Angels, Burtonwood, St George, Tyldesley, St James, Farnworth, St John the Evangelist, Farnworth (updated), Fletcher Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Great Bolton, St Mary and All Saints, Goodshaw, Rossendale, St Mary the Virgin, Blackburn, St Peter, Blackburn, St Wilfrid, Farnworth near Prescot, St Peter, Newton-Le-Willows, St Thomas, Preston, Slaterfield Wesleyan Methodist, Bolton, St Mark, Newtown, Pemberton, Trinity Wesleyan Church, Westhoughton, All Saints, Habergham (updated), All Saints, Stand (updated), All Saints, Wigan (updated), Bank Street Unitarian Protestant Dissenters, Bolton (updated), Edenfield Chapel, Bury (updated), St Bartholomew's, Westhoughton (updated), St John the Baptist, Atherton (updated), St John the Evangelist, Hindley Green (updated), St Mark, Worsley (updated), St Stephen, Harpurhey (updated)
20 Dec 2011 - St Saviour's, Ringley (updated), St Bartholomew, Colne, Christ Church, Fulwood, Preston , St Peter, Hindley , St Paul, Hindley , St John's Road Cemetery, Padiham , St Leonard, Middleton (updated), St Peter, Halliwell (updated),
19 Dec 2011 - added St Peter's, Church Street, Liverpool, St Paul, Peel (Peel Chapel), St Peter, Oldham, St Mary, Oldham, St Anne, Turton, St Mary, Lancaster, St Luke, Heywood, Holy Trinity Church, Horwich (updated), St John, Preston, St George, Chorley, St Peter, Chorley, St Laurence, Chorley (updated), St Nicholas, Sutton, St Peter, Burnley, Holy Trinity, Habergham Eaves (updated), St Matthew, Burnley, Burnley Cemetery (updated)
17 Dec 2011 - added St Peter's, Blackley, Manchester, St James Free Church, Church Kirk, St John the Evangelist, Hurst, St Bartholomew's, Salford,
16 Dec 2011 - updated a range of registers with additions from OPC. updated EM007, FM006 and HM180
23 Jan 2011 - Added info on registers of St John the Evangelist, Hindley Green, St Mary the Virgin, Deane, St Mary the Virgin, Bury
22 Jan 2011 - Added info to census pages, updated FM038 John Magnall
16 Jan 2011 - Added info on registers of All Saints, Wigan, St John the Divine, Pemberton, St Mary, Ince, Chowbent Chapel, Atherton, St John the Baptist, Atherton, St Thomas, Upholland, Presbyterian Church, Rivington, Parish Church, Rivington, Holy Trinity Church, Horwich, St Katharine, Blackrod, St Leonard, Middleton, St Thomas, Radcliffe, St Mary, Radcliffe, Christ Church, Walmsley, Tong Fold Wesleyan Methodist, Bolton, St Matthew, Little Lever, St Matthew, Little Bolton, St George, Little Bolton, St James, Brindle, St Ann, Manchester. Updated JM051 Abel Mangnall, JM094 John Mangnall, HM111 Mary Mangnall, JM109 William Mangnall,
15 Jan 2011 - Added info on registers of St Michael, Great Lever, St Peter, Bolton, Holy Trinity, Bolton, St Paul, Astley Bridge, St Peter, Belmont, Emmanuel, Bolton, St Mark, Bolton, Bank Street Unitarian Protestant Dissenters, Bolton, Victoria Wesleyan Chapel, Bolton, St Peter, Halliwell
04 Jan 2011 - updated fm038 John Magnall, added MI to St Paul, Walkenden
03 Jan 2011 - New church data added. Probably found the parents and birth date of Thomas Magnall (HM059), my direct ancestor. If correct then he was born 200 years ago on the 6th January 2011! Added a few connections between ancestors and church data.
23 Dec 2010 - Westhoughton census data updated