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Magnall and Mangnall in the 1881 Census

RG11 Piece 3900 - 3999

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RG11 Pieces 3900 - 3999 covering Gorton, Rusholme, Moss Side, Pendleton in Salford, Broughton in Salford.

Gorton, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3906 Folio 12 page 22)

4 Bertha St
John Magnall   Head M 40 M Butcher  Manchester, LAN (GM002)
Mary A. Magnall   Wife M   30 F   Manchester, LAN (FM009)
Emma Magnall   Daur    13 F Scholar  Manchester, LAN (FM010)

Rusholme, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3911 Folio 62 page 16)

5 Duke St
William Mangull  Head  31  Architect & Surveyor To The Rusholme Local Board Of Health  Prestwich, LAN (FM292)
Emma Mangull  Wife  27    Cheetham Manchester, LAN (FM293)
William Mangull  Son      4    Rusholme, LAN (EM285)
Tom Kenrick Mangull  Son      3    Rusholme, LAN (EM286)
Percival Mangull  Son      1    Rusholme, LAN (EM287)
George Middleton Collins  Wifes Brother  20  Land Surveyor  Prestwich, LAN ( )
Anne Alsop Serv  18  General Servant Domestic  Rotherham, York ( )

Moss Side, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3937 Folio 96 page 23)

Carlton Road Church Croft
Fenton Mangnall  Head  52  Cotton Merchant & Manufacturer  Prestwich, LAN (GM142)
Eliza Mangnall  Wife  47    Manchester, LAN (GM143)
Reginald Mangnall  Son  19  Merchants Clerk  Manchester, LAN (FM176)
Mabel Mangnall  Daur  18  Scholar  Manchester, LAN (FM177)
Edward Mangnall  Son  16  Scholar  Manchester, LAN (FM175)
Norman Mangnall  Son      Wilmslow, Cheshire (EM112)
Sarah Stewart Serv  37  Nurse Domestic  Dublin, Ireland ()
Anne Ellis Serv  45  Cook Domestic  Barnsley, York ()
Clara Melbourne Serv  25  Waitress Domestic  Leigh, Stafford ()
Ruth Collins  Serv  22  Housemaid Domestic  Woburn Sands, Bucks ()

Pendleton In Salford, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3944 Folio 91 page 15)

31 L Seedley Rd
Robt. HOPE   Head M 56 M Print Cutter  Chorley LAN (GM244?)
Jane HOPE   Wife M   46 F   Chorley, LAN (GM243?)
Tom HOPE   Son U   19 M Print Cutter Chorley, LAN ( )
Robert HOPE   Son U   11 M Scholar  Hunslet, Yorks ( )
Margaret HOPE   Daur U     8 F Scholar Leeds, Yorks ( )

Broughton In Salford, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3954 Folio 47 page 4)

14 Back Roman Road
Thomas Smith   Head M 50 M Joiner Unemployed  Kildwick, YORK, ( )
Elizabeth Smith   Wife M   51 F   Newton Heath, LAN ( )
William Hackston   Visitor U   29 M Maker Up (Fact Hand Text)   Newton Heath, LAN ( )
Annie Jones   Step Daur U   18 F Dress Maker   Newton Heath, LAN ( )
Elizabeth Ann Jones   Step Daur U   27 F Paper Finisher   Bolton, LAN ( )
Rebecca Jones   Step Daur U   26 F Paper Sorter   Bolton, LAN ( )
Amelia Jones   Step Daur U   23 F Paper Sorter   Bolton, LAN ( )
Margaret Magnal   Boarder 34 F Paper Finisher  Bolton, LAN (GM179?)

Broughton In Salford, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3955 Folio 42 page 30)

5 Scovell St
Fanny MANGNALL  Head  62  Annuitant  Prestwich, LAN  (HM090)
Jane MANGNALL  Sister  57  F   Annuitant Prestwich, LAN  (HM091) 
Lucy MANGNALL  Sister   54  Annuitant  Prestwich, LAN  (GM144) 
Helen MANGNALL  Niece  25   Visitor  Salford, LAN  (FM178) 
Lucy MANGNALL  Niece  13   Visitor  Styal, Cheshire  (FM179) 
Sydney MANGNALL  Nephew    9  Visitor  Styal, Cheshire  (FM180) 
Fenton MANGNALL  Nephew    7  Visitor  Styal, Cheshire  (FM181) 
Mary MANGNALL  Niece    6  Visitor  Styal, Cheshire  (EM113) 
Clara MC CALLUM  Serv  47  General Serv  Mottram, Cheshire  () 

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