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Magnall and Mangnall in the 1881 Census

At the time of the 1881 census the Magnall and Mangnall surnames were to be found in a number of areas. This information was gathered initially from the 1881 Census Index and then the Census fiche. More recently I have bought the 1881 Census on CD-ROM and this has allowed me to find all (?!) of the enumerated Magnalls and Mangnalls (and their variations) in 1881. If you know of any I have missed please let me know.

RG11 Pieces 1000 - 1099 including Clayton, Sussex.

RG11 Pieces 2000 - 2999 including Stafford.

RG11 Pieces 3400 - 3499 covering Derby.

RG11 Pieces 3500 - 3599 covering parts of Cheshire.

RG11 Pieces 3600 - 3699 covering Kirkdale, Lancashire.

RG11 Pieces 3700 - 3799 covering Sutton, North Meols, Hindley and Ince in Makerfield.

RG11 Pieces 3800 - 3899 covering Westleigh, Atherton, Farnworth, Kearsley, Halliwell, Turton, Little Bolton, Great Bolton, Walmersley Cum Shuttleworth, Bury, Radcliffe and Pilkington.

RG11 Pieces 3900 - 3999 covering Gorton.

RG11 Pieces 4000 - 4099 covering Manchester.

RG11 Pieces 4100 - 4199 covering Burnley, Habergham Eaves, Whalley and Blackburn.

RG11 Pieces 4200 - 4299 covering Heath Charnock and Chorley.

RG11 Pieces 4300 - 4399 covering Saddleworth, YKS.

RG11 Pieces 4400 - 4499 covering Bradford, YKS.

North Meols, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3749 Folio 115 page 30)

1 Church Street
Annie Magnall   Head W 35 F Dress Maker  Blackburn, LAN (GM019)
James C.W. Magnall Son   9 M Scholar Bolton, LAN (FM030)
Gertrude E. Magnall Daur   8 F Scholar Bolton, LAN (FM031)
Evelyn A. Magnall Daur   6 F Scholar Bolton, LAN (EM024) 
Florence Magnall Daur   3 Scholar Southport, LAN (EM025)
Sarah H. Massthorne (?) Visiter  42 F Druggists Wife  Southport, LAN  
Alice C. Mossthorne Visiter  34 F From Dividends  Bolton, LAN  
Eliza Heap Visiter  27 F Drapers Wife  Bolton, LAN  

Ince-In-Makerfield, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3774 Folio 103 page 16)

10 Albert Ter
David Magnall   Head M 35 M Coal Miner  Farnworth, LAN (GM006)
Elizabeth Magnall Wife 27 F   Pemberton, LAN (FM018)
John Magnall Son   8 M Scholar Ince, LAN (FM019)
William Magnall Son   6 M Scholar Ince, LAN (EM012) 
Peter Magnall Son   3   Ince, LAN (EM013)
James Magnall Son    7m M   Ince, LAN (EM014) 

Westleigh, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3805 Folio 64 page 52)

64 Victoria Street
James Magnall   Head M 26 M Operative Cotton Spinner  Westleigh, LAN (FM048)
Annie Magnall Wife 28 F Dress Maker  Westleigh, LAN (FM049)

Kearsley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 3817 Folio 34 page 16)

24 Bent Street
James Magnall   Head M 27 M Cotton Dyer  Whitefield, LAN (FM028)
Ann Magnall Wife 26 F Cotton Winder  Besses Oth Barn, LAN (FM029)
Charles Chadwick Lodger 60 M Cotton Winder Besses Oth Barn, LAN (HM073)

Manchester, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4003 Folio 23 page 39)

8 Wade Street
Thomas Nagnall or Magnall   Head M 23 M Carter   Manchester, LAN (FM016)
Mary Nagnall or Magnall Wife 22 F   Crumpsall Manchester, LAN (FM017)
Jane Nagnall or Magnall Daur    2 F   Crumpsall Manchester, LAN (EM010)
James Nagnall or Magnall Son    7m M   Crumpsall Manchester, LAN (EM011)
Robert Ducksorth   Lodger M 33 M Stonemason   Crumpsall Manchester, LAN  
Ann Duckworth Lodger 32 F   Crumpsall Manchester, LAN  
Maria Duckworth Lodger    1 F   Manchester, LAN  

Burnley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4147 Folio 87 page 32)

1 Ridge
Rachl Magasall   Head W 65 F   Stubbins LAN (HM060)
Joseph Magasall Son U 22 M Clerk C Office Stubbins LAN (FM234)
Sarha J Magasall Daur U 19 F Weaver Cotton Stubbins LAN (FM231)
Bromered Atkinson Son in Law M 32 M Hand Loom Weaver Cotton Fordsham Fold  
Mary Ann Atkinson Daur U 29 Weaver Cotton Stubbins LAN (FM232)
Susanah Atkinson G Daur U  5 F   Burnley LAN  

Burnley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4148 Folio 103 page 15)

6 Marles Street
William Magnall   Head M 44 M Coal Miner  Bolton, LAN (GM076)
Mary Ann Magnall Wife 35 F Miners Wife  Bolton, LAN (GM018)
James Wm. Magnall Son 13 Cotton Weaver Burnley LAN (FM024)
Thomas Magnall Son    7 M Scholar  Burnley LAN (FM025) 
Mary Ann Magnall Daur    5 F Scholar  Burnley, LAN (EM023) 

Whalley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4150 Folio 78 page 7)

1 Tarleton Street
Ann Leach   Relative (Head) M 38 F Cotton Weaver  Backup LAN  
James Magnall Boarder M 44 M Coal Miner Bury LAN (GM005) 

Burnley, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4151 Folio 123 page 19)

32 Lord Street
William Magnal   Head M 42 M Coal Miner  Bury, LAN (GM054)
Frances Magnal Wife 40 F   Rylston, York (GM055)
John T. Magnal Son 15 Cotton Weaver Burnley, LAN (FM063)
Edward Magnal Son 13 M Scholar  Burnley, LAN (FM064) 
James W. Magnal   Son 11 M Scholar  Burnley, LAN (FM065) 
Luena Magnal Daur   7 F Scholar  Burnley, LAN (FM066) 
Bertha Magnal Daur   5 F Scholar  Burnley, LAN (EM029) 
Obadiah Magnal Son  9m M   Burnley, LAN (EM030) 

Habergham Eaves, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4154 Folio 76 page 6)

Four Lane Ends - Gretna Green Inn
James Greenwood   Head W 66 M Publican  Burnley LAN (HG001)
Jonathan Greenwood Son U 34 M Coal Miner (Unemployed) Burnley LAN (GG001)
James Magnall SonL M 37 M Servant (Inn) Tottington LAN (GM021/149)
Alice Magnall Daur M 32 F Housekeeper Burnley LAN (GM022) 
Joseph Magnall GSon   12 Scholar Burnley LAN (FM040)
Margaret Magnall GDau    10 F Scholar  Burnley LAN (FM041) 
James Thos. Magnall GSon    4 M   Burnley LAN (EM026) 
Sarah Jane Magnall GDau    9m F   LAN (EM027) 

Habergham Eaves, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4154 Folio 81 page 16)

45 Cog Lane Peeping Tom Inn
John Magnall   Head M 34 M Beer Seller  Tottington LAN (GM151)
Sarah Magnall Wife M 29 F   Burnley LAN (FM020)
Catherine Magnall Daur U   9 F Scholar Burnley LAN (FM058)
Albert Magnall Son   5 M Scholar Burnley LAN (EM015) 
Ann Eliz. Magnall Daur   3    Burnley LAN (EM017)
Lawrence Magnall Son    1 M   Burnley LAN (EM016) 

Habergham Eaves, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4154 Folio 81 page 16)

49 Cog Lane
Thomas Magnell   Head M 24 M Cotton Weaver  Ramsbottom LAN (FM021)
Sarah Magnell Wife M 24 F Cotton Weaver    Burnley LAN (FM022)
Wm.Thos. Magnell Son     4 M   Burnley LAN (EM018)
Fred Magnall Son   8m M   Burnley LAN (EM019) 

Habergham Eaves, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4154 Folio 113 page 24)

No 4 Cog Square
John William Hartley   Head M 30 M Coal Weigher (Mine)  Burnley LAN  
Margret Hartley Wife M 27 F Cotton Weaver   Bolton LAN (FM233)
Emily Hartley Daur     6 F Scholar Burnley LAN  

Habergham Eaves, LAN (1881 RG11 Piece 4154 Folio 113 page 24)

No 6 Cog Square
Ralph Magnall   Head M 25 M Cotton Weaver  Bolton LAN (FM001) 
Mary Magnall Wife M 24 F   Altham LAN (FM002)
Mary A. Magnall Daur     4 F Scholar Burnley LAN EM002 
Fred Magnall Son     3 M   Burnley LAN (EM001) 
Thomas Magnall Son     1 M   Burnley LAN EM003 
Alice Howarth Border    21 F Cotton Weaver  Enfield LAN FH002 
Sarah A. Howarth Border    19 F Cotton Weaver  Burnley LAN FH003 
Rebbecca Howarth Border    17 F Cotton Weaver  Burnley LAN FH004 
Alice Howarth Border    11 F Scholar  Burnley LAN FH005 

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